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Abdicating the Throne

Are we already part of the persecuted church?

Have we abdicated the throne of our King?

Jesus Coming Again

Special thanks to Rex Morache for the cover art on this book A Layman’s Commentary on the Revelation of Jesus Christ which is linked here via scribd — click on pic to visit site and read commentary by Jesse C. Jones

Time is short people.  We have Abdicated the throne of our King to our Government. We have handed off the authority of the individual to the Government in our Pride. We have cast off responsibility of our families in Greed and are in disagreement over where life begins and where it ends because we have become a self-absorbed nation.

It is high time we Honor and Glorify our King by Loving one another in our disagreements and get a job done that needs to be done. It is high time we remove the chains of bondage and step out into the moment he has called us all to be in. We are loosing ground to the enemy and may never see the “Blessings” We have seen as a nation again if we don’t repent of our, Pride, Greed, and self-serving ways. We must not continue to “Exalt” ourselves above the Lord.

We must find away to begin loving our Neighbor again amidst our differences for we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory that is his and his alone.

We must find away to bring integrity back to a party less they point their fingers and say I cannot figure out who to follow for they both look the same.

I came to the republican party seeking someone who represented the values of my Lord. I think many of you did the same. I am at loss as to whether I should stay or go so all  I can do is humbly pray. May the Lord correct me in my errors and cause me to repent to all.  May he do the same for each of us as we pray for one another and grow.


Take a look at what Merriam Websters states abdicate means:

Ponder those thoughts for a minute and ask your self in how many ways have we relinquished or handed off our sovereign power to our government in these areas:

  • Marriage
  • Finances
  • Property Rights
  • Speech
  • Privacy
  • Protection
  • Life and Death

How many ways have we forced “The handing over of the authority of our one true king to a king we have no desire to serve?”,  Have you ever considered it?

Would we be discussing marriage rights today if we had left that authority in the church? Would we be outraged by taxes today and the impact they have on our finances if  we had done our job in meeting his command to love our neighbor as ourselves?  Would we be having issues with Imminent domain if we weren’t covetous of what our neighbor had? By quenching speech and not quietly listening have we divested ourselves of the opportunity to hear the Lord? By increasing laws to protect ourselves instead of allowing our creator to be the only entity we fear, have we eroded our privacy? Are their consequences for not choosing Life over death? When does life begin and what impact has that had on our families, our nation?

I have started a facebook page .  My prayer is that this page would stimulate conversation that may bring us to a place of agreement and corporate repentance.  I don’t believe it will change the immediate outcome of the natural consequences of handing off the throne of our king but, I do believe it could change the future state of how we interact with the world, our families and may actually bring us to a place of loving one another in a righteous way as defined by our king and the sacrifice he made for us.

Blessings to you all


I will be writing on these topics over some period of time