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Republican Party Passes Resoultion on Common Core

Thank God!!!!

Some good people with common sense passed this resolution today in Norman Oklahoma:

Click to access OKGOP-Resolution-2.pdf

Those of you in John Fords District need to be reaching out to him to ensure he is stopping Common Core in Oklahoma.

John Ford Chairs the Committee for Education.  Please call him as soon as possible to ensure he allows the bill to stop Common Core out of Committee.

See the complete Education Committee:

Asleep for now — but soon to awaken (stay tuned)…

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God Knew me before I was born and I can prove it!!!

Married Sept 4th, 1983

I believe commitment is a dual action verb. God handed me a gift, I accepted it!!


4 of them and I believe they came to teach me God’s character ( I am still learning)

I am still

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